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Today, as experts in packaging, materials handling, ergonomics and industrial automation, we can transition smoothly between industries as diverse as health technology and maritime operations. This provides us with a fantastic insight into the Swedish manufacturing sector, but also places stringent demands on our understanding of our customers and their unique challenges.

This means that it takes three to five years before our application engineers have fully immersed themselves in the minutiae of linear systems and transmissions – and all of the industries that we work with – to the extent that they can look at a proposed solution and instinctively see what can be improved. Fortunately, we have minimal staff turnover. Today our application engineers stay with us for over ten years on average. This gives us the confidence to deliver when there is a lot at stake. Which is more the rule than the exception, as our customers are producing goods worth billions. Even the most insignificant subsystems must measure up – and that is where we come into the picture.


Many of our components are part of automation equipment. Our sales engineers can see the big picture when it comes to each application, even if they are just working at a component level. This means that we can help to develop the optimal component or subsystem for each unique application. High speeds, repeatability, long service life with minimal service and high availability are all issues on which we focus. We know the requirements of tough environments and demanding circumstances.


Most of our products are specially designed for the packaging industry and we have been successfully contributing our expertise for decades. We have developed many of the food grade mechanical components that nowadays are taken for granted. Including gas springs with food grade lubrication, toothed belts in FDA approved chloride-resistant plastic, toothed belts with acid-resistant cord, timing belts with arc teeth, ball screws with an extremely high pitch, sealed stainless steel safety couplings and screwcap applicators.

bransch ergonomi aratron


Whether it is an office desk, packing table, fixture or hospital bed, we always consider the ergonomics. Using our electrical actuators, lifting columns and actuator units you can adjust the height and lift for most applications. We are happy to help find the right lifting components for your product. Did you know that in this field we also have bed motors, bed frames, hand controls and accessories such as lighting, heating and massage motors in our range.

Health technology

There is a lot of precision engineering in this sector, and it is where we have one of our trump cards. Accurate tolerances, high quality, finish, long service life a high level of safety are most often customer-specific properties with compact dimensions. This suits us perfectly because our suppliers are specialists in the field and, when you add our expertise in applications, the result is an optimal end product. We generally exceed our customers’ expectations in this field, and to maintain this we make an extra commitment to continuous improvement. Sweden has a great deal of expertise in the field of health technology and we want to be your indisputable partner here.

bransch material aratron

Materials handling

With our capacity to construct linear units and gantries in-house, we can manage any project optimally. We can find a solution, be it for a one-off project or an OEM type assembly. For some of our customers we even keep stocks of components and ready-made subsystems so as to minimise delivery times and costs. Our own design and manufacturing means that we can control the entire process, from idea to finished product. The majority of our products such as timing belts, chains, couplings, clamps, linear bearings, linear guideways, ball screws, safety brakes and torque limiting clutches, are used in materials handling.

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