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When you look at the world through our eyes everything is moving

The ability to transmit power goes hand in hand with the art of controlling motion. There are few who have mastered motion as we have in the manufacturing industry. To claim that we are obsessed with motion is an understatement.

When you need the perfect gas spring, a linear unit for precise positioning or a timing belt drive strong enough to speed up the entire production line, you need to turn to our application experts. We have divided our expertise into two product departments – linear systems and transmission – that intersect with each other, further strengthening our expertise.

But all the knowledge in the world is wasted if it is of no use to you. So in every project we take part in our goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of our customer. We achieve this by designing applications that are optimised for the unique circumstances of each project. Sometimes by using the cheapest components at hand, sometimes the most expensive ones. More often than not we undertake a 100% customisation. What we achieve when we are allowed to help from idea to finished product, is reduced wear, less downtime and the lowest possible total cost – calculated over decades rather than just the financial year.

That’s how we roll.

Get to know us!

We understand you

While others compete on price, we know that service is a much better offer. Commitment, enthusiasm and the ability to quickly solve our customers’ problems have been the key to lasting relationships since our beginnings in 1971. The fact that we are still working with customers from the 1970’s says that we are probably on the right track. However, we are not just looking for long relationships. Spotless integrity, expertise and a professional pride that gives us the courage to manage problems and stand up for optimal solutions are equally important to us – and ultimately just as important for you. We keep our promises, demonstrate results and, if we do something wrong, we communicate that quickly using plain language.

Thanks to the consistently high technical competence of our employees, coupled with a sustained ambition to learn more about our customers’ applications and products on other markets, we are often entrusted with helping and educating our customers. That our customers appreciate this ambition has been demonstrated in a number of market surveys undertaken over the past decade. Time after time we have stood out in the sector as the company that demonstrated the most understanding, responsibility and expertise. For us this is the reward for being a learning and educating company!


Aratron in brief

Aratron supplies high quality transmissions and linear systems as well as modules for linear and rotary motion. We work closely with the Swedish OEM industry and help designers and buyers find technically and economically optimal solutions. We are application experts in the fields of packaging, materials handling, medicine, automation and ergonomics. Our core values are: Expertise, Service and Integrity.

With the strongest technology group in the Nordic region supporting us

Today we represent about twenty well-known manufacturers from Europe, the United States and Asia. Being part of the Addtech technology group, with its more than hundred subsidiaries and sales of approximately SEK 6 billion, gives us access to a worldwide network of technically innovative partners.

In Asia we work with our group colleagues at Nordcomp to find products and business opportunities, to control quality and production, and get local support with finance and administration. A foot in each culture allows us to do business properly.

Sister companies

We work closely with several leading manufacturers of mechanical and electromechanical components and subsystems. Our sister companies in the Nordic region operate in a similar manner. Below are links to their websites.

Our cooperation with our sister company, Compotech is worth highlighting, especially as their programme of motors complement our own product range in a way that benefits our customers.