Aratron motion
Aratron motion

We set your thoughts in motion

The key to turning vision into transmission is the ability to control movement. The slightest mistake in an application can be the difference between a successful business and a costly downtime. Since 1971, Aratron has provided Sweden’s manufacturing industry with
world class customized solutions.

Since 1971, we have supplied the manufacturing industry in Sweden with worldclass customized solutions

We are a part of Addtech – the Nordic leading technology trading group

Warehousing and logistic solutions for best possible service and flexibility, including warehousing for end customers

Three quarters of everything delivered has undergone some form of customization

Sometimes normal quality is enough, sometimes only our will do

For us, added value is standard. We manufacture our world-reowned timing belt pulleys and linear units of the absolute highest quality, inhouse. In addition, we process products and make all kinds of customizations. Because we believe that our products should be adapted to the customers needs – and not the other way around.

This is Aratron