Sustainability goals 2030 Sustainability goals 2030

We should be as sustainable as our products

Sustainability is one of our biggest focus areas. Even though we have already come a long way, we are aiming much higher. With measurable sustainability targets over time, we define our work within environment, society and economy. By 2030, we have reduced our CO2 intensity, increased equality as well as diversity and will have a structured supplier monitoring program. Being a part of Addtech Group, we report sustainability data annually, which is always reviewed by third parties.

Other global initiatives that we are a part of are, for example, the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and the UN Global Compact. In these initiatives we can follow our sustainability progress together with our partners. For our sustainability achivements, we have been awarded the Ecovadis 2023 gold medal. Ecovadis, the world’s most trusted and independent analysis company, rates companies in their sustainability work. Our result shows that we perform better than 98% of Ecovadis ranked companies. Read the Ecovadis report here.

Ecovadis is the world’s most trusted and independent analysis company in sustainability. They evaluate 90,000+ companies in 200+ industries, in 160+ countries.

Sustainability CDP

CDP is a global information system that supports 13000+ companies, cities, states and regions to report, measure and manage their risks and opportunities in connection with climate change.

We will bring the industry forward. Everything else is unsustainable

For us, the goal is obvious – we must be as prominent in sustainability as we are in linear systems and transmissions. We will share knowledge and assist with expertise, regardless of whether it concerns new sustainable solutions, optimization of materials and energy consumption or collaborations with customers and suppliers, so that our supply chain will promote good working conditions and responsible production.
Everything else is unsustainable.

Read our Code of conduct (Addtech)

A sea of transport options

Aratron’s biggest impact on the climate is our transportations. We work continuously with efficient logistics planning and transport methods with lower CO2 emissions. A close collaboration with customers and suppliers is crucial, so that we together reduce the environmental impact in our value chain. For example, by choosing train or boat instead of flight when possible.

In addition to transports, it is important that we continue to use renewable energy, invest in energy efficiency and monitor all our business travelling.

Together we can challenge ourselves to reduce the climate footprint!

Calculate your climate footprint

Until today it has been difficult to assess climate impacts from different transportation methods, such as sea, air, road and rail.

Thanks to new smart applications we are now able to easily calculate the impact from the choice of transportation. We recommend DHL Carbon Calculator.

The movement from fossil fuel

Sometimes you do not see reasonable alternatives to transport by air. Together with the global transport company Geodis, we want to enable air transport that uses SAF – Sustainable Aviation Fuel. SAF is an alternative to traditional fuel, where CO2 emissions are 80% less from a life cycle perspective.

Read more about Geodis solution

A supply chain is never stronger than its weakest link

Together with the rest of the Addtech Group, by 2030 we have evaluated 80% of our purchasing volume – a major investment in our work towards a sustainable supply chain. We will act closely with our suppliers based on Addtech’s common Code of Conduct for Suppliers. An important document produced to promote good business ethics and ensure that human rights are always respected.

The UN goals are our goals

The global goals for sustainable development were adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 as part of Agenda 30 for sustainable development. For us at Aratron, it is a given to do everything we can to contribute to a sustainable development, while poverty and climate change are pushed back.

We do this by putting extra focus on the following goals:

Sustainable business

By offering technology solutions that contribute to our customers’ transition and development, we want to create sustainable business. We must offer technical solutions that contribute to sustainable industries, better healthcare and sustainable use of natural resources.

Sustainable organisation

Through an equal and climate-smart operation, we want to create an attractive and sustainable organization. We want to achieve an equal and inclusive corporate culture, promote interest and career choices in technology among young people and conduct our business with the lowest possible climate impact.

Sustainable supply chain

Through structured supplier follow-ups, we want to promote good working conditions and responsible production for a sustainable supply chain. We must ensure a transparent value chain with responsible resource management. We must also have improved control over our products environmental impact.

Whistleblower function

Aratron strives to conduct business in a transparent manner with high ethics. We value everyone’s safety and respect everyone who is affected by our operations.

Aratron offers a whistleblower function that allows anyone to report activities that are not compliant with our values or our Code of Conduct. Follow the link below to access Addtech’s external whistleblower partner. Anonymity is always guaranteed.

Whistleblower function – english (Addtech) 

Quality and Environment:

We are since long certified with regards to quality and environment. By following the link below, you can read more about our work.

Read more about Quality and Environment