aratron lager optimalt aratron lager optimalt

The optimal warehouse stock is what you do not have to keep yourself

Our warehouse in Järfälla allows us to offer all of our customers the best possible service. Our well-stocked high bay warehouse with its own staff for goods in and out gives us the ability to control and reduce lead times so as to achieve the best possible results, even when we are delivering customised goods. We can also directly pack all spare parts going to end customers directly into the client’s own boxes with its own part numbers.

Before starting series production for our OEM customers we always look at adjusting the batch size, reserve stock, lead times and other essential purchasing procedures together with the customer. This includes forecasting, purchasing portals, packaging and labelling. This make delivery procedures more flexible; something that many customers have come to appreciate so much over the years that they have started to view our warehouse as their own.

Our warehouse