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Quality, the environment and CSR

We always think quality

All employees have undergone comprehensive quality training. This means that we can live up to our quality motto of getting things right first time. And our desire for improvement is strong in the company.

We always take quality into consideration, both for you and for our environment.

Employees in all departments are involved and are always suggesting improvements. One of the major changes this has led to is the development of a partnership between sales staff and sales support staff. This means that as a customer you have a point of contact who is always in the office, and who is familiar with issues regarding your orders and purchases. We have created a closer relationship with our customers by ensuring that our sales support staff keep in touch with their customers, and also visit them regularly.

Certificate Aratron ISO in English: Certifikat Aratron ISO 9001 14001 en


Do you want to contribute to a better environment? Isn’t taking the environment into consideration expensive? No, there is no real contradiction between environmental activities and profitability. In fact, many efforts to reduce environmental impact lead to reduced costs. For example, the development of new energy efficient motors and gearboxes leads to lower operating costs and less environmental impact.

According to our environmental policy the environmental impact throughout the lifetime of the product must be taken into account when selecting products and suppliers. Goods that are considered harmful to the environment are to be excluded. We strive to optimise the consumption of material and energy in production. Environmental classified consumables are sorted and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. We are affiliated with the Swedish Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI) . This means that we take our responsibilities as a producer for the recycling of packaging.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aratron is a part of Addtech Group since 1986. Addtech operates long-term development in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This covers Aratron and the other subsidiaries in the Group. The overall goal is to meet the demands and expectations of customers, shareholders and employees with regard to sustainable business. So our work on CSR means that we take a long-term responsibility for the sustainable development of employees, the environment and profitability. CSR work results in us become stronger in this sector, and thus a better choice than our competitors.

For more information, visit Addtech Code of Conduct
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Whistleblower function

Aratron strives to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics. We value everyone’s safety and respect everyone who is affected by our business.

Through Addtech, Aratron therefore offers a whistleblower service that can be used by anyone to draw attention to if something is not handled in line with our values and code of conduct. Follow the link below to access Addtech’s link to an external partner who guarantees anonymity.

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