Sometimes normal quality is enough, but sometimes only our quality will do

At Aratron we want you to expect added value as standard. For this reason we tailor our products to meet the needs of our customers, not the other way round. This attitude means that three quarters of everything delivered from our engineering workshop in Järfälla has undergone some form of customisation.

Here in the workshop we manufacture our world-renowned timing belt pulleys (more about them below), but we also have the in-house production and customisation of linear units in aluminium profiles, driven either by a timing belt or ball screw and with either roller bearings or a linear guideway. In addition we process products by cutting rails, end machining bolt screws, cutting timing belts, filling gas springs and assembling subsystems.


Milling timing belt pulleys

Cutting PU timing belts

aratron egen tillverkning

Semi-fabrication of timing belt pulleys

Cutting linear guideways

Partial assembly of robot track.

Laser marking timing belt pulleys.

Gas spring filling

Timing belt pulleys with the Aratron label are renowned throughout the industry

Our timing belt pulleys produced in-house have a level of quality that is unsurpassed globally. Thanks to this we can guarantee you timing belts that do not wear out prematurely, allowing for big savings and less downtime

We can maintain this standard because we have kept expertise and craftsmanship in-house, instead of moving production abroad. This gives us the opportunity to manufacture timing belt pulleys, following customer drawings, for most types of belt profile, with high tolerances, in short and medium series. With delivery times that are almost equivalent to those for stock items.


Three quarters of everything delivered from our engineering workshop in Järfälla has undergone some form of customisation.

The difference can be seen with the naked eye

While mass produced timing belt pulleys are full of minor flaws such as scratches and pitting, ours shine with an exceptional finish. However, it should be emphasised that this is not a cosmetic issue. The most common problem with timing belt drives is the belt itself breaking. Our experience tells us that there is rarely a problem with the belt when this occurs. Instead the fault can be found in the small imperfections in the timing belt pulley, which is wearing out the belt prematurely even at low speeds. That quality pays is no understatement.

Watch the film about the world's best timing belt pulleys

Assembling customer-specific linear units in our workshop

We have developed the AL/AP linear unit system for its customisation potential, its stability and its attractive price level. The linear programme essentially consists of aluminium profile in 2 sizes: 110 x 84 mm and 190 x 84 mm.

The profiles are hollow with an enclosed outer contour. This gives the system a high load bearing capacity and torsional rigidity. So in many applications the linear units constitute a structural element without any supports.

The linear bearings can either use rollers on ground round shafts or linear guideways, and can be driven by a timing belt or ball screw. We assemble these units in our workshop and customise the sliding plates and drive shaft to your gearbox.


Caption semi-manufactured goods

Warehousing for end customers